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The 24/7 LIVE Sports Network is driven by live events, Championship bouts, news, tournaments in all styles of fighting, plus lifestyle, reality, documentary and other fight related original programming.

  • LIVE World Title Championship Boxing
  • LIVE MMA (Mixed Martial Arts); Multi-division Championships
  • LIVE World Championship Kickboxing
  • LIVE Martial Arts including Breaking, Forms, Weapons Competitions etc.
  • LIVE Fight News from around the World
  • Tournaments in various fight disciplines including Sumo, Karate, Judo, etc.
  • Greatest Classics (e.g., Tyson, Foreman, Holmes, Lewis and De La Hoya)
  • Original Programming: Lifestyle, Documentaries, Reality Shows, Fitness, Science & Technology, History, Instructional
  • Educational, Talk Shows/Interviews, Sports Anthology, Biographies, Game Shows/Contests, Sports Commentary, Variety Shows and Specials... plus many more